On-line Measurement

  • On-line Gloss Meter
    GR-4 GR-2

    GR-2 and GR-4 provide high speed continuous gloss measurement suitable for production line of paper, film and glass. An indicator on a control unit shows measured value and is equipped with an external analog output. Managing measured data with PC is available as well.

  • On-line Color Monitor System

    It is possible to make a measurement of reflectance on a product line of paper, film or so. A periodic calibration with a built-in white standard plate allows to get stable data for a long time.

  • On-line Color Monitor System

    The CMTS-7000T provides measurement of transmittance on a product line of plastic, film or so.It is possible to show trend measured date such as transmittance,L*,a*and b* with setting time axis to horizontal one.

Information on the discontinued products