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Haze & Reflectance Meter

The HR-100 is a haze meter that measures Total Reflectance & Diffuse transmittance besides Haze, Total transmittance and Diffuse transmittance.

The HR-100 is designed to measure total light transmittance, diffused light transmittance, and haze. It is ideally suited to make these measurements for light transmissible materials such as plastics, films, glass and liquid as well as light reflective materials such as metals, coating and mirrors.

※1 Description for JIS K 7105, JIS K 7361 and JIS K 7136


Standard Plate for Inspection (Option)

  • ND-filter

    Standard Plate for Total Transmittance
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    (ND-10 ND-40 ND-70 3 kinds)
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  • Haze Standard Plate

    Haze Standard Plate
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    (H5 H10 H20 H30 4 kinds)
    * Product image for illustration purposes only.