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Haze Meter

It is possible to make a measurement of measuring area 6mm in diameter conforming to standard JIS and ISO by employing an integrating sphere 65mm in diameter.

The HM-65N are designed to measure the total light transmittance, diffuse transmittance, and haze. It is ideally suited to make these measurements for light transmissible materials such as plastics, films, glass and liquid. Employing a double-beam system, highly accurate and repeatable transmittance and haze measurements can be realized.
Internal switchable filters tune the light source to the spectral characteristics of CIE standard photometric observer and CIE standard illuminant D65, but also the combination including CIE standard illuminant A. Personal computer is used for interface, calculation, and control. Several useful functions, such as average calculation, and output by printer are available. The aperture of measurement is 9mm in diameter and the measurement area is 6mm in diameter.

※1 Description for JIS K 7105, JIS K 7361 and JIS K 7136



① Light Source Lamp
② Two Branch Fiber
③ Reference Shutter
④ Measurement Sutter 5 D6
⑤ Convertible Switch to D65 &
A Illuminant
⑥ Lens
⑦ Entrance Port Aperture
⑧ Exit Port Aperture
⑨ White Plate
⑩ Detector
⑪ Reference Fiber
⑫ Integrating Sphere
⑬ Light Trap Box
⑭ Sample

Sample Chamber

  • No sample

    No Sample

  • Sample placed

    Sample placed