Gloss Measurement

  • Gloss Meter GM-26PRO GM-26PRO/Touch

    The GM-26PRO is a successor of a former model GM-26D. It can make a measurement having low and high gloss with high accuracy.

  • Precision Gloss Meter GM-26DS

    The GM-26DS is a gloss meter whose measuring area is minimum size 3 x 3mm, which suppresses an instrumental error against other model of gloss meter. This model realizes to make a measurement of samples having curved surface by using optional jigs.

  • Portable Gloss Meter GMX-102 GMX-203

    The GMX-102/203 comforms to standard JIS Z 8741. The GMX-102 has an advantage to be easy to be handled due to the integrated model. While, GMX-203 can be used placing its sensor face up when you make a measurement on the table due to the separate model.

  • Hi-Performance Portable Gloss Meter GMX-102H1

    The GMX-102H1 is a portable gloss meter that shows gloss values up to two decimal points in compliance with ISO2813, ASTM D523 and JIS Z8741. It is the best to evaluate low glossy material such as dashboard for cars.

  • Portable Gloss Meter GMX-701 GMX-702

    The GMX-701/702 is a portable gloss meter that conforms to standard JIS Z 8741. These models are a successor of GMX-102, 203, which significantly suppresses a instrumental error because of the same geometries as former model.

Information on the discontinued products