Portable Gloss Meter
GMX-102 GMX-203

The GMX-102/203 comforms to international standard such as ISO 2813 and JIS Z 8741.

With a convenient shoulder-type easily to carry, these instruments have smaller size and lighter weight than previous products. Since the instrument can use both AC and DC as power supply (with using built-in rechargeable batteries), it can be used both indoor and outdoor without any problems. These instruments also conform to the international standards, including JIS and ASTM etc.
The GMX-102&701 have great maneuverability because of their cordless pattern. It is only used for the measurement of 60deg.
The GMX-203&702 have three available measurement angles, 60deg, 20deg and 75deg. All of these three measurement modes have outstanding measurement accuracy and reliability. The more data can be handled with the GMX-701 and 702 with the data storage and the external out function added, Special optional software for these two instruments allow the data management on PC. The GMX-203H1, for AC power only, shows gloss value up to two decimal point. You can have a stabilizing power supply as an option.