• The specification with PC control available

Gloss Meter
GM-26PRO GM-26PRO/Touch

True Gloss GM-26PRO is the 20deg/60deg and 75deg specular gloss meter, which highly conforms to the Japanese standards and international standards, such as ISO, ASTM and JIS. The GM-26PRO replaces the older GM-26D.

With the compact design, this precise and reliable sensor is engineered to reduce the effect of polarization of the light source greatly. The operational performance has been improved over the previous version. The top sample port means that operation is easy and fast for this benchtop instrument.
The new developed GM-26PRO/TOUCH becomes much easier to use with several new added functions, including one-touch calibration, average measurement, and the automatic output of measured values. Note that PC control is only available with the GM-26PRO/TOUCH.


精密光沢計 GM-26PRO GM-26PRO/Touch