• Color meter

    Color meter

    This category is a product line-up for color meter including highest quality on repeatability and instrumental error with both reflectance and transmittance measurement.

  • Gonio spectrophotocolormeter

    Gonio spectrophotocolormeter

    This category is a product line-up for high-performance color meter. It is possible to measure structural color such as pearl-mica paint for automobile or morpho. Measurement of BRDF(BSDF) available as well.

  • Goniophotometer


    This category is a product line-up for goniophotometer. The goniophotometer can distinguish a slight difference you can not obtain with gloss meter or color meter by analyzing optical property of the substances.

  • Gloss meter

    Gloss meter

    This category is a product line-up for gloss meter. Our gloss meter provide a gloss measurement based on JIS Z 8741. Handy type and accurate desktop type were handled.

  • Haze meter

    Haze meter

    This category is of haze meter which can measure total transmittance, diffuse transmittance and haze of transmissible substances such as film, glass and plastic.

  • On-line measuring instruments

    On-line measuring instruments

    It is possible to provide a continuous observation of gloss, color, reflectance, transmittance and haze with non-contact.

  • Natural light

    Natural light

    The combination Xenon lamp and filter allows to test under spectral distribution of approximately similar as sunlight.

  • Standard plates

    Standard plates

    This category has standard plates to verify the condition of instruments. User of our instruments verifies repeatability or linearity, which allows to provide high-reliability measurement all time.