Privacy policy

Murakami Color Research Laboratory
President, Representative Director  Yoshiharu Sato

We, Murakami Color Research Laboratory, declare that we significantly recognize social importance to preserve individual information and all employees engage in the following items. The individual information means the information which the specific individual is recognized by the names, date of birth, other description.

1. We gain the appropriate individual information including the description of business. Also, we never treat the individual information beyond the needed scope to achieve a target for specified usage.

2. We strictly store individual information. Except in the case of prior acceptance, the data are never disclosed to third party. Also, we commit to perform appropriate treatments in order to prevent leaks, dishonest accesses, losses, manipulations and destructions related to the individual information. If any incidents and accidents occur, we correct them by investigating causes immediately.

3. We comply the law related to our treatment of gathered individual information, the guideline specified by the nation and other regulation.

4. If there are any complaint or consultancy related to our treatment of the individual information, we make an effort to dispose the matter immediately with our investigation of the details of the case.

5. We, continuously, improve the structure of management system related to preservation for individual information.