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Spectral Distribution of the 500W Xenon Lamp equipping to this instrument as the standard white light source, is quite similar to sunlight including the visible and ultraviolet wavelength part and has ideal color rendering properties. The maximum illuminance, as high as 10,000 luxes, is most suitable to color comparison among the low-brightness or the approximate colors and indispensable for evaluating the fluorescent colors and mematerism. The NL-500 is installed vertical to the floor in many cases, but this instrument is designed to be suspended from the ceiling as well.

・Inspecting and managing the color matching and irregularity in the dyeing industry.
・Evaluating mematerism in the paint industry.
・Evaluating color in the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry.
・Inspecting the colors of Plastics and building materials.
・Evaluating and inspecting paint colors of Automobiles and Machines.

Light source
Xenon Lamp NXE-500W
Optical conditions
Conforming to JIS Z 8902 1965
Average illuminance
5,000 luxes under 15A
Uneven illuminance 20% or less
Sample size Maximum 500×500mm
Stabilizer XB 50101BM
Power source 100V AC, 50/60Hz, 1A
Weight/Dimensions Lighting appliance:
Power Source unit: